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Networking - IP BGP Routing Configuration

BGP routing is an important aspect of IP routing, which is the only one exterior gayeway routing protocol. There are two flavors: iBGP and eBGP, depennding on if the beighbors are in the same AS. Especially EBGP, this is the routing protocol which routes the entire internet, connects between different ISPs, enterprise networks. BGP routing between ISP

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Jekyll update for my blog site

My blog site was shutdown for quite a while for certain reasons. However I strongly feel this is a good way for me to capture what I learned along the way and share with anyone who might feel helpful for them. Thanks to all people who provided postivie feedback. After clearup the issue and I finally decide to continue working on my blog site. First thing I do is to update my blog development enviroment which is Jekyll, installed in ubuntu 16.04 VM.

Jekyll on Ubuntu

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